Help Us Promote the Book, Please

It turns out writing a book is only the first step to being an author. Next — and this caught us by surprise, not knowing how the publishing industry worked — is promoting the book. There are over 100,000 books published every year in the U.S., and it's challenging to get any single book in front of people. And for new, unproven authors, it's a steep slope to climb.

So we're asking for your help.

Here are some easy things you can do to support and promote the book — None take more than a minute of your time:

  1. If you have a blog or a website, post a mention of the book & show the cover.
  2. Buy the book :) It's shipping now from
  3. Write a review for the book on
  4. Call your local bookstore and ask for it (you don't have to reserve it, or even buy it, just asking for it helps).
  5. Mention the book to friends or co-workers.
  6. Forward a link to this book web site to others who might be interested.
  7. Diggit
  8. Stumble It!
  9. Reddit

Thanks — we appreciate the help very much!

—Lance and Sandra

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